Logo on email does not change after update

Since update from 18 to 19 and to 20, the extension Theming, does not respond to my changes in logo, I input a new logo but stays unchanged, my emails out contain same old logo and size.
Any idea on how to correct ?

@SarahD this is strange … you want to replace the logo of nextcloud or the logo of an app?

@Mageunic : I want to remplace the logo on emails sent-out by nextcloud only

@SarahD I suppose you have tried to change again the logo of the server in theming menu?
maybe there is something broken …
try to disable and enable again theming app
have you a shell access ?

That worked: disabling theming app AND restaure default values, then upload new logo.
(but just upload new logo doesn’t work after update.)

thx @Mageunic case closed for me !

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