Logo in Internet Explorer is rendered very ugly

Im upgrading our environment from 8.2 to 11 the next few days, and since i hate editig css files, i´m looking forward to have the theming options in the webgui.

Now, i testet our theming, and Internet Explorer 11 and Edge are unable to render our Logo in a propper way.

It was no problem with OC8.2, there it is very smooth like:

in Nextcloud (i use a png here, since svg is even worse) it looks like that in IE and Edge.

Firefox and Chrome render it all fine. The issue is the same with the logo in the corner when logged in.

May somebody inplement an exception for IE and Edge in the Stylesheets please? I´m no expert on this, but my guess is, that it must be fixed there.

This is grinding my gears, and it was no problem in the past.

Thank you all in advance.

@jan can you help here?

Hey @Ascendancer, this seems to be a bug. :slight_smile: Can I ask you to open an issue at https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues with more info like for example the original file you use so we can try and fix it?


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Thanks, should have done this in the first place, since i have now an github account, but i´´m not very familiar with it jet.

Will report that tomorrow.

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