Login with google doesn't work

Hi all,

during last days I had no success logging in to help.nextcloud.com using “login with google” button. The process failes after entering credentials and 2FA code with nginx “502 Bad Gateway”. the browser shows URL like


I’m curios if something is broken on the forum or on my end as it worked before. Now after I changed my PC this fails from multiple locations and different browsers (FF91 and Edge).

Any ideas? is the fault on help.nextcloud.com or on my side?


I have exactly the same problem. So probably some misconfiguration/problem here on the forums…

Google SSO signup function is broken too.

Can confirm it is still broken after 2 months… does anyone from the Nextcloud team cares about this?

I reported this issue also two times via the contact form as well as in the forum, but I got no response.

Maybe @jan can help here to fix this problem?

Sorry for the issue, I reported it to our sysadmin team. :slight_smile:

Still doesn’t work. does somebody care about the forum?

@jan @system @moderators

@blizzz Can you help here?

Went under my radar :worried:… we had several updates since, is it still a problem?

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Just tried it and it worked like a charm :slight_smile:


finally 1y after the issue started I confirm it works now!
thank you forum team! :fireworks:

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