Login via Outlook-Plug-in does not display

Hey everyone,

I have installed the Outlook-Plugin and activated it.
It starts up fine.

I entered the adress for the connection to the Server and it displays the Log-in Template without the Login-Button / Login Text-Boxes, but with the correct Background and Design.

How to solve this Problem?

Hi! seems to be an issue with NC19 in combination with Internet Explorer. The authentication control uses a IE wrapper.

The bug will be fixed, but currently awaiting response from Nextcloud.

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Thx for the fast Reply!

Perhaps some parts (e.g. css) of the login page could not been loaded. Perhaps you can look in network analysis (F12 in firefox and chrome, do not know the function in ie or edge). and search for not http-200-requests.

There arent any not http-200-requests except a 304, wich it doesnt look “suspicious”.I can log-in via IE as a normal browser like with any other Browser, but I cant login with the Window, which is opening while starting outlook.

I have changed the default settings to Mozilla Firefox and its still not working. (Hoped that Outlook would use the Firefox instead) Anything else I can try?

I do not reallyunderstand the problem. Does the login work with normal access with firefox, …?

Perhaps in Outlook (sorry, i use linux) you have deactivated Javascript or other stuff.

The boxes for log-in via Outlook add-in are missing:

Via Firefox or any other Web-Browser, the access is working fine.

Perhaps you can test the Plugin with an account of another nextcloud (e.g. test-account) to exclude or include your nextcloud in the problem.
If other nextclouds also not work i think it is a local windows problem (security, version, …)
If other nextclouds work it is a nextcloud-configuration problem (but i think not)

Also i think the Plugin is a commercial solution. Perhaps you get support.

Im Surprised— Connecting to another Nextcloud worked. I think my configuration is wrong in some place. Are there any Settings in Nextcloud for the E-Mail-Add-in ?

I don’t have the commercial solution of the Plug-in yet.

I do not use the Plugin. But i think there are no great differences because the normal access through your browser works, too. Perhaps you use an old nextcloud version? Perhaps there are problems accessing through webserver or reverse proxy? I do not know.

Hi, so I´ve got new Information. Im Running Nextcloud on the newest (19) version. There is an incompatibility with Nextcloud and the IE11, which is used by outlook, no matter what…

There is workaround by changing some entrys in the main.js with the entrys of older versions of Nextcloud. I decided not, because its a kind of “not a save” soloution. I hope, that Nextcloud is fixing this soon.

And yes, I messed up by saying, that its “working fine in every Browser”.
But thanks for the Help, I would´t thought this way by myself!

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Oh yes it is possible.

This is the part for login and password (from https://nc.nl.tab.digital)


Perhaps rename main.js and copy “stable 18” to the location:


I think the risk is low. You can delete the new file and then rename again.
Perhaps version from nextlouc 18 works also with nextcloud 19.
You can also use a version from another branch.

Yep! You guys are right about that. There is a incompatibility with IE11, which is used as a wrapper in the Outlook add-in.

This is specific to NC19, earlier versions do work. Reference github issue:

@usselite IE 11 will be deprecated with Nextcloud 20, seems like a long term solution is needed: