Login user appears in talk as "guest"

Hi there,

I am hosting a small nextcloud server (Version: 25.0.6) and some of the users (actually it is only one) appear as “guest” in Talk, although they are logged in as regular user. How can that happen? Unfortunately I don’t have more information, because this user is not very experienced in using computers, she’s barely able to login and use the basic features. Initially she appears in talk groups with her login name. My question: what can be the possible reasons for that, how you can trigger a name change in talk ?

Maybe I have to mention, that I had a scond user with the same problem, but that disappears “magically” without no explainable reason …

Well, always after explaining an incident to others, you think more about the problem and probably find the solution by yourself, as it just happens. The user told me, she cannot post me personally in talk, only in this group, otherwise she need to have a password, she don’r remember :slight_smile: … so I checked the settings of this particular chat and found that somehow the option “Guests can communicate here with the link” (free translation from german) was set, I now uncheck it. I don’t know why it was checked, but it certainly is a bad setting. I checked all the other groups in this instance and they are fine. So the “magic” mentioned above is to proper log in to the system :slight_smile: … I will help my user to do so and then this ticket can be closed.