Login to Nextcloud very slow after some system changes

I did an upgrade from php7.0 to php 7.2, reinstalled redis chache, renamed my mysql nextcloud database and created a new mysql user for this database.
After some issues with redis i managed to get nextcloud working again.

But the remaining problem is, that the login at the nextcloud web frontend lasts for over 30 seconds!
After the login is complete, eveything works fine and there is no error neither in the apache log, nor any relevant in the nextcloud log. (login via phpmyadmin is fast)
Connecting via Nextcloud Client is not possible due to timeout.

What could cause this problem and how can I solve this?

Thank you for your answers in advance.

I found out that this behavior doesn’t occur on an other PC, there it is much faster…
How can that be? I tried different browsers…

It might be that you have triggered brute force protection. I still have the old oc_ prefix in my database, so for me to find it out it would be select * from oc_bruteforce_attempts. If there are entries in that table simply delete them with delete * from oc_bruteforce_attempts.

Today logging in is much faster.
I didn’t know about that feature, thank you for that hint!
There were over 100 entries which are now deleted, so I hope that the problem is solved now.

Please add your ip to WhiteList, on anti bruteforce system, after, restart the mysql and aapache servers. have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Where do I add my IP?


Change cloud.wsoac.com to your URL, and you can see this item on site footer.

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There is no similar setting:

Do I have to enable something?

You need to activate Brute-Force protection Plugin, to see that’s settings item.

That makes sense, thank you!