Login screen appears when switching between apps

I have updated from version 25.0.7 to 26.0.3.

The new version shows the following strange behavior: When I switch apps at the top of the bar, my login wallpaper (without input mask) initially appears for about 1 second. This happens whether I switch from Calendar to Files or from Files to Contacts aso. The login wallpaper always appears very briefly (I use a separate image for the login page).

It also doesn’t matter if I use my own login image. I have just tested it. Even without an image, the login background appears very briefly when switching to another app.

Is the problem known or can it (hopefully) be fixed?

Would be happy about any tip :slight_smile:

Well that would depend on how you’re enabling a separate image for your login page. :slight_smile:

Quite normally via the settings → Design → Background and Login Image.

In version 25 Nextcloud did not have this behavior yet.

Using that approach, the background and login image are the same. So you should see the image - it’s a background image used throughout Nextcloud (not just at login). It’s visible in the left sidebar (albeit deep in the background) as well. That’s expected.

This part I’m unclear on. If I click the trash icon next to Background and login image and reload the page the background image goes away. What will be retained is the still configured background color. Are you saying the background image is still visible when you disable (trash) it?