Login prompt after every reboot win11

Nextcloud version 21.0.4:
Desktop Client 3.9.0
Operating system and version: Windows 11 joined a domain

After every system reboot the nextcloud client asks to grant access again.
Nextcloud-app opens a page in default browser firefox to login.
After login sync is ok and works.

this problems is on 1 client
this problem only occurs on one computer but not on others with the same configuration

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client and it didn’t work.

The problem was not in the NC client but in windows Credential Manager.
While accessing the Credential Manager in windows Control Panel, an error message saying The requested operation cannot be completed
After windows update, and a reboot, and a gpupdate the credential manager was accessible again and after a reboot NC didn’t ask to grant access again.

You should instantely update your server to a supported Nextcloud version. The v21.x branch has been declared “End-of-Life” in February 2022 :wink: