Login problem (blank screen) only for users who are members of a group

Hello Community,

After updating to Nextcloud version 25.0.1, users who are member of a group get a blank page after logging in (URL is stuck at path/to/nextcloud/index.php/login). The login for users who are NOT member of any group works fine so I don’t think it’s a general config or DB issue.

Any idea on what could cause this is highly appreciated! :hot_face:


LDAP groups or local groups inside Nextcloud?

Local groups inside Nextcloud

I also have the same problem. Local groups. Nextcloud 24.07. Next I did an update to 25 but didn’t help.
Situation disallows to use group shares.

In logs there is an error

"message":"Tried to log in USER_NAME but could not verify token", 
"message":"Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? at /path/to/instalation/nextcloud/lib/private/Log/ExceptionSerializer.php#215,
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Are you using external storage (e.g. S3 buckets or so) by any chance?

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No, I have external storage disabled.

However I started to looking at not related disabled applications and found something.
Enabling “Contacts” app solved the issue for me. I never use that as it is pointless in my use case and that should not have any influence, but surprisingly it have.

#glad that helped

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Amazing! I have installed and enabled the Contacts app via OCC and now the login works again… Thanks a lot!

This is obviously a workaround, though, and the underlying problem should be fixed.