Login Problem after migration from OwnCloud to Nextcloud


I have successfully moved my Owncloud 9 installation to Nextcloud 10 but unfortunately there seems to be one major problem. It seems as if Nextcloud would not be able to close my admin sessions after logging out. Anytime I try to login again all my sessions are still available at the admin-panel.
Furthermore the following error message appears periodically: Page could not be loaded. Please try again in about 5 minutes. Following this Im logged out and have to login again.

I have already checked the log file an got this message:

Debug no app in context Current user is not logged in

Furthermore this problem seems to affect all configured users.

It would be nice if you would be abel to help me.


shared webserver


What apps do you use? There is perhaps an old app which is not compatible with NC 10 (or OC 9.1).


it seems as if I would habe solved the problem by clearing some queues of the MYSQL-Database. Currently it seems to work now.