Login page: Info messages with shaded frame?

We want to show a collage of images in the background of the login page. But this leads to the fact that the info messages are hardly visible on the colored background.
For error messages, a shaded frame is already displayed.
See screenshot below.

  • Is it possible to introduce shaded frames for the info messages?
  • Is it possible to adjust the degree of shading (transparency)?

Thanks, Friedbert

Hello @Friedbert

welcome to the Nextcloud community.

You can create your own theme and change settings there.
Or you use app https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/theming_customcss and just change some of the css to fit your needs.

btw. your design is kind of stressful IMHO.


Hello @rakekniven,

thank you, the app “Custom CSS” solves my problem.

Yes, I know the login page is going to be very colorful and confused.
But it is only this page and there my users will find themselves somewhere.

Regards, Friedbert