Login page background-image location/storage

NC 17.0.0

I’m confused:

Could anyone please tell me where Nextcloud’s login page background image, defined by a theming, is located / stored?

Can’t find in any CSS in core/css, e.g. guest.css points to “…/img/background.png?v=2”. Which is the default background, NOT the one from the theming.

Thanks in advance,

I found this using the search function of the help forum. It will eventually answer your question:

Hi j-ed,

thanks for answering. Your mentioned thread unfortunately doesn’t help me, as it’s solely about the logo, not the main/base background image I’m asking about.

The logo istself is part of the login page, transparently rendered above the base background image.

Seems to be rocket science :grinning:

Tried something else:

When I e.g. in Firefox use the “View Page Info” on the NC login page, I can see that the URL


leads to my background image.

So let me repeat my question:

As there’s no <webroot>/nextcloud/apps/theming/image folder, there’s only <webroot>/nextcloud/apps/theming/img, but with no “background.whatever” file, WHERE does this background image come from? How is it rendered? Where is it stored?

Found out that the image is
on <webroot>/nextcloud/data/appdata_ocv90mja2d89/theming/images/background (no suffix)

As this is in a “theming” folder, does anyone know if this somehow really could be used = differ in themings?

I myself used some creative solution to have a background image regularly “swiched” (see below), but this does no longer work in NC17

My solution: in the above named directory ("…/appdata_ocu92yycfgea/theming/images/") I store 31 high quality “cloud” images with the filenames “background.01” through “background.31”
Every day I automatically run a script that copies the current day’s image to “background” (no extension). This worked perfectly, but not anymore since updating to NC 17…
What I see is a “white” background, although my “current day picture” is correctly loaded from the css definition.

Something changed (again) in the theming-app, but I cannot figure it out…