Login on Pi impossible


I’m currently struggling with the login on the raspberry pi :
I installed NextCloudPi with berryBoot on an external drive, and followed the installation wizard on 192.168.X.XX:4443.
I then changed the pi password with the webUI.

But i can’t login to the RapsberryPi with the user ‘ncp’ and my password. It suceed but I get an error message and am immediately logged out.

NextCloudPi v0.64.2 is up to date
Last login: Thu Oct 18 22:34:03 2018 from
Could not chdir to home directory /nonexistent: No such file or directory
This account is currently not available.
Connection to closed. 

I think i probably have to try to log in Safe Mode by editing cmdline.txt and set the default shell for my user.
Is this common ?
Is there an easier way ?

And … by trying some things, I first deactivated the WebUI and I now can’t reach 192.168.X.XX:4443.
Can I activate it back ?

Thank You for your help !

User on rpi is called


not ncp

and the default password is (change it by running passwd command)


You presumably changed password of user ncp to ncp-web interface

You can activate ncp-web by typing


in terminal and using arrow keys to navigate to ncp-web and re-activate it.

I forgot to mention that I tried to login (And payed attention to the keyboard configuration) with


But I get the following error :

 Login incorrect

From berryboot menu you can also edit cmdline.txt directly, so dont have to take card out to reset password of user pi.