Login Notes - Lost styling?


I just wanted to confirm, before I log an issue with the developer, that others are seeing this issue.

I have just upgraded Nextcloud to version 24.0.6 and the Login Notes to 1.1.0.

The notes seem to have lost their styling, eg. the background has become white instead of following the Theming β†’ Color setting.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

NC: 24.0.6
Login Notes: 1.1.0
Ubuntu: 20.04 LTS
PHP: 7.4

Please share a screenshot so we can see what you mean.
Also find the nextcloud.log file in the sub-directories of /var/www and see if it has any errors.

Just et al.

Pre update the background of the β€œLook at me” Login Note was the same colour as the background of the Log in button, ie. it was the Theming β†’ Color setting. This is a test system, but also doing it on our production too. Notice the Markup is not impacted.

I am not seeing any 404/500 errors in the apache access or error logs. The nextcloud log is not capturing any issues as I load the page.

We are using the tidy URLs code in the .htaccess file, but disabling that does NOT fix the issue.

I am seeing this in the F12 Dev Tools of the browser:
DevTools failed to load source map: Could not parse content for https://servername/apps/login_notes/js/login_notes-main.js.map?v=c22e797a71413fd69b69: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Is this a PHP Caching issue?

Any thoughts?


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Hmm, I would report this directly to the devs.

Signing in now, Cheers