Login loop after move to new server and upgrading from owncloud

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My owncloud instance are beginning to run out of space. So I have copied the data files to a new server, both are residing beneath my desk. Installed nextcloud 10.0.6 and run upgrade from the webinterface.

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I still haven’t activated ssl so running plain http and running on port 8080 since the old server is still active.
I’m running as a virtual host on (moln.mydomain.xx).
If connecting with the windows desktopclient I can connect and download the files. However when I try to connect via the webinterface I enter name and password and get returned to entering name and password.
Looking in apache log there is no trace of the failed login attempt and in the nextcloud log this is all I get after changing to loglevel=0
{“reqId”:“0fd5SUwPprMbHhJmzJ8T”,“remoteAddr”:“”,“app”:“no app in context”,“message”:“Current user is not logged in”,“level”:0,“time”:“2022-10-17T13:00:13+00:00”,“method”:“GET”,“url”:“/index.php/apps/files/”,“user”:“–”,“version”:“”}

Maybe it is a problem with the port.

I think it would be very easy to create another virtual webserver like nextcloud.mydomain.xx . This would have the advantage that you could also create a SSL certificate if you use the free certificates from Lets Encrypt.

I have thought the same about the port however both servers are behind the same router and it can only redirect based on port not on domain. And there are more things needing to move before I close the old server. If no other tips came I will try to point the router to my new server to night or as soon as I get the time to do so.

I never needed to change anything. I just switched from Chrome to Firefox.