Login issue on mobile devices


I am having the same type of concern accessing my nextcloud server on a new mobile device (web or NC app).
I currently have access to my nextcloud docker, I can login via any PC web based URL internally and externally. My current mobile device (web and app) work fine.

attempting to access the NC server on any 2 of my other mobile devices (web or app) seems to time out.
I can ping the server internally and externally from the new mobile devices, I however cannot access the web gui or the NC app.

Any ideas what is going on?

It seems on the 2 new mobile devices they can access the nextcloud server externally. However internally they cannot

All my PC’s and previous mobile device has no concerns accessing the nextcloud server internally or externally, I am puzzled

Hello @bombz88 welcome to the community :handshake:

In my eyes your issue is different as the one you replied to, for this reason I split it into new topic.

Please provides details about your setup as requested by the Support template. Please use this when you request support

In the past I hit issues on mobile due to the fact this devices prefer ipv6 over ipv4. I would recommend you to verify internal and external DNS records - it could be the case you have to configure (or block IPv6) in case this doesn’t work well in specific situations…