Login flow errors and links not opening. MacOSX Ventura 13.4 and Nextcloud Desktop v3.8.2

I am trying to install nextcloud desktop v3.8.2 on ventura 13.4 but am running into some issues.
Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 3.56.15 PM

The Copy Link and Reopen Browser option do not work. Note that I can successfully post to the login flow endpoint index.php/login/v2 and get the json object with poll, token, endpoint and login back using curl from my command line which gives me back a working login url.

Any suggestions on how to address this?

I am running dockerized nextcloud behind a cloudflare tunnel. The version of nextcloud that I am running is Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.1) and the clients are working on my windows machines and android device. Those installs are old and it is not a fresh desktop client install like I am trying on MacOSX, so maybe it is something to some settings I changed a long time ago or it is the client. To me it seems that the MacOS desktop client is incorrectly trying to access the index.php/login/v2 endpoint as I can curl it through the command line without issues as well as being able to access the instance in my browser.

Ok the answer ended up being simple and obvious. Cloudflare has some security settings that will block requests for you. Not all of this is enabled by default and only the macos client seems to have an issue with being block, not the windows or android client.

What ended up solving the issues is turning off the cloudflare Browser Integrity Check which Evaluates HTTP headers from your visitors browser for threats. If a threat is found a block page will be delivered.

If I had more experience with cloudflare I would have known how to check the events activity log and see these security events blocking requests from my home ip address.

Also adding to this, only the initial login seems to be problematic, once nextcloud client is setup I enabled the security settings again and the app is still syncing without any security events being generated.