Login failure after reboot spreed-server


After successfully installation nextcloud+webrtc+turnserver+ios-app (spreedbox mode) i have one inconsistency.

After reboot the server (nc+rtc+turn) the ios-app can’t login again when i start it, so i have to input the account-/hostdata again.

any ideas ?

greets !

Any news on this @ivan?

Sorry for the late reply!

I have just tried to reproduce this issue and I wasn’t able to reproduce it.

Server data is saved after a success connection and user data is saved after a success login.
If it is just a server reboot and nothing like hostname, SSL certificate, user name or password change, then I don’t see any reason why the iOS client is unable to reconnect to the server.

@bassano Could you please provide more details about how to reproduce this issue?

sorry for late answer !

it seems not the spreed-server was the problem.

after changing the upstart-delay-durations from the lxc-containers (one each, nextcloud, turn, spreed) the problem was fixed ! so it seems the the containers come up in another sequence and everything works smoothly

before that the change the duration was on zero, so the sequence wasnt clear …


  1. nextcloud
  2. spreed
  3. turn

maybe that fix it …