Login failing on another node

We decided to create another nextcloud node behind our HAProxy. We connect it to the same database. However, even though everything is equal (instance_id, passwordsalt, secret), the login fails and says the password is wrong.
LDAP users login fine, but this is the admin user that is failing.
What can be wrong?

I tested the password on php by getting its hash on the second node, and verifying it, and it does get verified. I see that the second instance does communicate with the database. However, somehow the admin account doesn’t get authenticated on the database.

Here is what I have:
Server 1: nextcloud install, mysql, S3
Server 2: nextcloud (uses Server 1’s db and S3 storage)

LDAP users authenticate fine, local users don’t. I created another user via occ on server 2, can log with that user on Server 1, but can’t on server 2.

It works now. I deleted the whole folder, and then configured distributed caching (Redis). I don’t know what fixed what, but it works.