Login Failed other than Browser

Just installed Nextcloud (Version 15.0.2) on cPanel on A2 Hosting. Works fine on the Firefox browser (Linux Mint 19.1).

Downloaded the Android app NC 3.4.2 and when I try to sign-in it says “Operation finished with status code HTTP 401 fail”

Same thing happens when I try and log-in on Linux Desktop version - after “Grant Access” it just spins. Can’t sync calendars or contacts in Evolution either.

I was so eager to get Google, Apple, etc. out of my life but need contact & address book sync.

Same happens to me, nx 13 worked. (with android 6.xx and older app)
after upgrading from nx13 to nx14 and now to 15.0.0 with app 3.5.0 login fails constantly.
Made several attempts to reinstall app.
Firefox works from android (7.1.2 Fairphone OpenOS) and from debian 9.8 on two notebooks.
This eats a lot of my time and no way to debug the android due to lack of information.
Nextcloud should save my time and not eat it.
BR Erich

Now it Worx. It was a problem of config.php, problem of trusted domains and the name resolution

BR Erich

Did work once, but after phone power down and power up stopped working again
Get a 401 from apache