Logging in with Windows network drive

I do not know if this is a problem only for my environment.

When mounting Nextcloud with the network drive function of Windows 10, we often fail to login. When I look at the log of Nextcloud, I only have errors that login failed. There is no reason why he failed.
Interestingly, once I logged in wrongly, the record of 3 failures always remained. I failed twice, it is a record of 6 errors. I am not a log of the Nextcloud, it seems that there is no odd record even if I look at the log of the server.

Even though the user clearly inputs the correct input, the login may fail.

Previously, if there were folders and files containing 2-byte characters, there was a problem with WebDAV connection. This is a problem with Windows and fixed by Microsoft. This error was also recorded as an error in the Nextcloud log. In this time the reason for failure is not recorded. I can not find out why I fail.

Because it does not occur with third party client software and Web browsers, it is easy to think that it is a Windows problem. Is this compatible with the Nextcloud program? Or is it a server setting issue? If I can avoid this problem with server configuration, please tell me how to do this.
*This did not occur in Nextcloud 12.x. But at that time Windows was old, so I can not compare with now.

I will summarize the questions.

  • Login fails even though it is correct account information on Windows network drive.
  • When login on Windows network drive fails, three failure records are always left.

Nextcloud: 13.0.1
nginx 1.13.8
PHP 7.1.16
MySQL 5.5.56
Windows 10(1709) 64bit

I updated to 13.0.2. However, this problem hasn’t been solved. *It also doesn’t solve the login problem in Firefox.

I upgraded to Windows10 (1803) which was released yesterday with expectation. Unfortunately nothing changed.

Ultimately we can log in so it is not a fatal problem. However, a large amount of error remains in the log. It is difficult to find a different error.
The problem is that this problem affects brute force attacks. Three people mistakenly logged in once, nine login actions. Then, I need to raise the upper limit of the number of trials setting in fail2ban. I think that it is a very big problem even if it is not a fatal problem of Nextcloud program. So I want to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Whether this problem is occurring in web applications other than Nextcloud, I can not investigate it. Is this a problem with Nextcloud itself, or Windows side?

I can confirm this behaviour as well.

obviously @bjoern somehow didn’t confirm his review it for 13.0.2, as shown here:

if anyone has time (and the balls) for checking the new lib/base.php -file… please let us know if it helped :slight_smile: