Logging if user has been deleted - Strange behavior

Hello everyone, I got this realy strange behavior.

Today i was called by a user who was complaning, that the account of an college has been deleted. I looked it up and soon I discovered, that no admin has deleted this account. However the truth is, that this account is not existing anymore.

Is there any log which provides information to what has happened to this User-Account?
I already could find the Scale of Time, in which this event must have happened.

I don’t know how this is logged. I would create and delete a user, then check the nextcloud.log and the webserver logfile, what messages appear at the time of this event.

Without creating and deleting a user, you could just grep through the logs with this specific user name, perhaps it pops up (if you ignore the failed login attempts).

Thx for your reply.

I have already tried the second one and the last lines with this username, were wrong login attempts. So no information to find there. I will try the first suggestion soon. Maybe there is an event, which describes a delete, but isnt named like this…