Locking a file option in popup menu

At Enterprise File Sync and Share – Nextcloud there is a demo video on locking a file. I shows a Lock or Unlock item in the popup menu for a file. I have 17.0.2 installed, I do not see that menu item. Is there something I need to do in settings to get that to appear or is the functionality in some other location.

Also the administrative setting says that version 17.0.3 is available. Has this upgrade generally gone smoothly? I guess I would download a tarbar from the web site?


Most likely the Temporary Files Lock app is what you’re looking for.

You’re a little behind related to the used Nextcloud version, v18.0.1 is the latest official release. Please use the search function of the forum to get an idea what problems had appeared during an update and always create a backup before you start :wink: