Locked out by 2FA NC 2TB VM

I spent the last 2 days trying tog et the Hansen 2TB NC VM to work. Finaly got past all the bugs and bad documentation to get it up and working and I made the mistake that when enabling 2FA and setting it so it was enforced on sleected groups and did not select any groups that it would not enforce it yet. Nope. Went to log in this morning and no accounts can log in not even the admin account. I found a bunch of people posting about it in this form to use CLI and OCC commands but I can’t access them from the Hansen VM using the official instructions: Using the occ command — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation Can anyone give me the correct command for the official Hansen NC VM on Ubuntu?

CLI access to your VM is independent from what runs on that VM, i.e. Nextcloud in your case…

Where is the VM running? What is its IP address? Can you SSH into it?

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DUDE. I never said I did not have CLI access. I said the instructions presented do not work for running OCC commands on the official VM. I can get access to CLI no problem either from SSH or direct console in vCenter. The instructions provided do not work with the NextCloud Official VM provided by NextCloud Partner Hansen IT.

Dude, claiming “the instructions presented do not work for running OCC commands” to get help comes normally from people having no clue what CLI means…

To be more specific: wtf “do not work for running OCC commands” means?
Since you know everything from SSH to vCenter, how about a screenshot? No? A log entry?

Don’t tell me a message like this brought you here?

 Could not open input file: occ 
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@CDnCO I understand loosing access to data and screaming users maybe put some pressure on you.
don’t forget people in this forum spend spare time to help you - your writing and expectations definitely definitely miss the fact this is a free support forum run by volunteers:

then just buy a support contract and Nextcloud Gmbh or Hansen IT will be happy to solve you problem.

your wording is really unpolite:

what you didn’t write - e.g. what you tried so far and where you failed - maybe this would have helped much more.

thank a lot @anon71540698 for staying cool

PS. I miss a “blacklist” button for users like @CDnCO

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Please elaborate how we can improve it.

Also, regarding occ; in the VM there’s a built in command: nextcloud_occ which lets you run stuff like nextcloud_occ app:install whatever

Hope it helps!