Local Sync Status with External Storage

I’m running Nextcloud 20.0.9 in docker through Unraid with latest stable W10 desktop client on my primary PC as well as running Nextcloud on my Android 11 phone.

I sync several local desktop files and folders to External Storage in Nextcloud that map directly to Unraid shares on the host file system

C:/user/Documents & C:/user/Pictures syncs to Nextcloud External Storage labeled Documents which is \mnt\user\Documents & \mnt\user\Documents\Pictures

There isn’t a problem with syncing files to the External Storage as far as I can tell, but my question is whether there is a way to tell if the files I’m seeing in W10 are currently being stored locally and in NextCloud or being stored only in Nextcloud External but they are available for sync. OneDrive has a feature like this and wasn’t sure if Nextcloud offered the same feature.

Trying to get more visibility

Sounds to me like you are missing the virtual drive functionality in the Desktop client which is scheduled for the next big desktop client release, afaik.
You can already test the RC2 candidate: Help test RC2 of our desktop client!