Local share not sharing

Environment: Ubuntu 18.04.2 with NC16

First I couldn’t get SMB files to connect. I gave up and mounted the shares to the NC16 server from the NAS then shared the mount point as ‘local drives’. Files showed up, but I cannot share any out.

I have set the ownership and group to ‘www-data’ with permissions as 0755 as I only want then to be visible, downloadable and executable (for in browser viewing), but as I can see them I don’t think that is an issue.

I had been authenticating via openLDAP - but that is not picking up users reliably so I disabled that and tried local users but that too refuses to allow any sharing.

I may have changed something vital in the Sharing section as I don’t want to allow any federation etc. This seems the most likely cause, but I am not sure where what I need to default back to to try the shares to work.

Be grateful for any suggestions as to what I have done wrong.

Thank you.