Local Folder (NC on Windows Docker)

Hi there,
I tried out NC in a docker at windows pc. The goal is to save my photos from phone at my Windows PC. Unfortunatley, I can not find any folder which is accessible from windows and NC as well. I probably did a mistake at installation. Can anyone help me, how to mount E://Sync in NC? A new installation would not be a problem. The App „External Storage“ in NC is not working because „sambaclient“ is obviously not installed.

Thank you

I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Running a Nextcloud on Windows in Docker is quite a detour to simply transfer files from a smartphone. I don’t think you’ll be happy with that, so I’d advise against it straight away.

It can also be problematic if both Nextcloud and Winodws need to access files. The question here is not so much whether it is possible or not, it is just fundamentally unattractive. You may have to use regular processes so that your Nextcloud even notices that new files are there or that they have been changed.

I think Nextcloud is useful if it represents data for one or more devices as a cloud. In your case, it’s more like copying from smartphone to PC.

Thanks for your answer… Hm… The thing is, my wife has a new iphone and all I can find in www is, that nextcloud is the best solution for ios to sync with windows without cloud and cable… Any other idea?

I don’t have an iPhone because I don’t like exactly these problems from Apple. For example, I can transfer data from Android to my Linux server via SFTP without any problems. Also i use Nextcloud Android app and Nextcloud servers. I was already using WLAN when everyone else was still using USB cables or Lightning to transfer data.

Nextcloud is a good alternative to the Apple products. There is probably a Windows-Apple application. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it works without iCloud.

Perhaps it would be better to use Apple standards if you already have an iPhone. Or maybe set up a proper Nextcloud at home. But with your idea - which of course works - you combine the proprietary solutions from Apple and Microsoft via Nextcloud and in the end your wife will say that Nextcloud is bad, which can’t do anything about it.

Now I’m trying to find out, how NC is intended to be used :wink:

If I understand you correctly, all your Data ist stored within your Nextcloud-Setup and you can not browse with your (linux) browser to a folder and see the .jpg, .pdf, …

And, you have to backup the whole NC and not only Data like .jpg…. ? Is this correct?

It is like storing everyhting in „Documents“ at Windows (C Drive) and backup windows?

If so… My Way would be, syncing iphone data with nextcloud as it is now (with no access to a windows folder or Drive E:) and access the NC-webdav folder with the windows explorer or installing Nextcloud-Client-App?

Thank you

No. The data is stored e.g. in the path /path/to/nextcloud/data/username/files (primary storage) or e.g. /mountpoint for external storage.

No. You can make a backup of the Nextcloud including Nextcloud software, configuration, data and database (e.g. used for usernames, shares …)

Yes and not. You must backup also the database. In the database e.g. MariaDB all usernames, passwords, shares, … are stored. But not the data.

Yes you can install the iPhone Nextcloud app and sync to a Nextcloud server e.g. Windows Docker Nextcloud.

But I don’t know if all this isn’t actually far too complicated. However, if you are asking whether you can install Nextcloud Server on Windows: yes, you can. Whether it really makes sense: you may have to judge for yourself.

You can get a free Nextcloud account on the Internet and try it out if you can’t currently get it installed on Windows. The Internet may be a bit slower, and you may not want to save your pictures on the Internet. But for a test, free Nextcloud accounts on the Internet are not bad at all. In the end, there is no real difference in terms of the Nextcloud software whether it is hosted at home or on the Internet. In the end, the only difference is the server address.