Local Files deleted by new Nexctloud instance


I think I deleted my local files by setting up a clean new instance of my Nextcloud Server. Here is what I did:

  1. I had a running TrueNas VM with Nextcloud as App installed
  2. There were a few issues regarding the VM so that i decided to reinstall a new TrueNas Instance with Nextcloud
  3. I kept the local Nextcloud folder on my Windows Client Machine and only wiped the Serverside with all its data.
  4. I set up the same Nextcloud Username/PW and the same Nextcloud host address, so that my local nextcloud windows client will upload its files to the new empty instance. At least I thought that is what will happen.
  5. Instead, my local Nextcloud Folder (C\Users\MyUser\Nextcloud) got wiped and ‘updated’ with the new fresh NC folders like documents, photos, nextcloud.png, reasons to use nextcloud.pdf and so on.

Did I do a huge mistake and all my Nextcloud files are gone?
My local hdd free storage didnt seem to have changed much, so I am hoping that my files just have been renamed or moved to a paperbin or sth.
I also tried to find deleted Files with Recuva but only could find a little folder with 10 Files from that local Nextcloud folder.
Is there any hope?

Thanks in advance

From the client’s perspective, all the files were deleted at the server, so it will try to mirror that change. It also makes a big difference whether you were using a full file sync or virtual files. With virtual files, the files may not even be on the client.

Most likely you will need to restore them from your backup.