Local External Storage not working?

Hum. Unfortunately it did not work. :sob: I can not see my external hard drive. I mean, I can see it, but it says that O do not have permission to write or read.
I used
‘’‘docker logs -f nextcloudpi’’’
And then:
‘’‘docker update --restart=always IDCONTAINER’’’
Is there any other easy way to install ncpi? Is it easier to install ncpi iso?
Thank you for your time, OliverV.

Those are not commands to start a container, but to view logs and auto restart… Which command did you use to start the currently running container?

Docker is the easy way of getting started, but installing to sd-card with latest image is also relatively simple.

Hello. I have made this command you said

And then
‘’‘docker logs -f nextcloudpi’’’
And then:
‘’‘docker update --restart=always IDCONTAINER’’’
But I have decided to move on and install iso file and completely worked. Everything was automatic. Thank you so much.
I just have one doubt. Where should I place my data, because now I can see all the contents of the /media folder in my nextcloud. For example: I can open media folder, and then my cloud storage and then ncdata. Which folder should I place my data in? Could I configure that external storage to only show that specific folder?
I searched for the answer all day in the forum and I didn’t find it. Please if it was already answered could you send me the link?

Of course! Just check this screenshot from above. Instead of /mnt/lvm/ you have to write something like /mnt/localFolder1/Your/Specific/Subfolder/ToShow:

Thank you very much.
Now everything is working

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