Local external storage fails to mount


When I add a local external storage it works, but when I click on it in Nextcloud’s Web GUI, it seems that I cannot enter it.

What it did?

I created a folder using CLI out of the Nextcloud’s data directory. Then, following the official Nextcloud’s manual, I configured permissions for the directory using chmod and chown. After all of this, I added a local external storage in Nextcloud’s Web GUI, it went fine with no errors. However, when I tried to enter it from Nextcloud’s Web GUI, it seemed like it didn’t let me to enter it. I clicked and nothing happened. I also wanted to see if my Sync client had problems with that, and yes it had. It just said that it couldn’t download the directory, that’s all. The folder wasn’t set to be encrypted. I really don’t know what is going on. Is there anyone who can help me?

Can you check your log files, perhaps Nextcloud tells you the reason. Make sure that the webserver user can access the external folder. If you webserver user is www-data you can check this easily with:

sudo -u www-data ls -lisa /path/to/folder

It should show you the content of the folder. If not the permissions are not set correctly.


Thanks for a reply. Nothing helped actually. I check for permissions and everything is fine, the folder belongs to www-data and chmod is set to 0750. When it comes to log files, they show me nothing. Nextcloud acts like the folder actually works, but it doesn’t let me enter it. However, I can easily access the directory from an Android application. When I add a folder in it using the Android app, it works. I also checked if the folder creation was successful using CLI. I really don’t know what’s going on. The Sync application doesn’t want to download the folder.

So it works from Android but you can’t do it via webinterface?

When you say you create things via CLI, you mean not via webdav or other Nextcloud interfaces (NC clients)? For external storages, you can set the settings if the folder should be checked on changes upon each access or never, did you activate to check it every time? Suppose you create a new folder and it is not showing up, can you create an empty textfile in the same folder where the new folder is, does it show up then?