Local External Storage, Can't Write


In order to increase my nextcloud storage capacity I wanted to add external storage. I first did so over FTP wich worked alright but the upload speeds were terrible so i thought I would switch to local.

My nextcloud is running as a Proxmox-VM so I created a new virtual drive and mounted everything on media/festplatte1 (ext4 filesystem).

Then I proceeded to add the local external storage with the path /media/festplatte1 and the light turned green. The drive even shows up in my nextcloud but I can’t create any folder/text on it. I made sure that www-data is the owner of the directory but it still doesn’t work.

Hopefully some of you kind people can help me :slight_smile:

I find out that this does not means anything with local folders. It will be green even if you made typo in path. Double check your path and check nextcloud logs when you accessing external storage, may be you will see some errors there.