Local caching servers available?

I would like whether there is already a possibility to have local caching servers of a central Nextcloud installation. If not I would propose that as a new feature.

I’m thinking about the following situation: We have a central Nextcloud server. Our users are connected via VPN to the central server from various locations. Since the VPN speed is limited I was thinking of a caching server that we deploy to all remote locations. This caching server should then deliver the data instead of the central server. If files are changed on the central server then those get periodically synced to the remote locations and in the meantime the users get the newest file versions from the central server.


They have a white paper for global scale for very large setups:

There are a few attempts here on the forum to sync directly between servers, it’s not that easy so maybe just a cache could be an alternative.

If you are interested in Nextcloud and the development, it could be a good idea to meet with the developers, they are organizing hackathons and a conference (the conference is in september in Berlin).