Local Access thru my domain times out

Hello I have a weird problem, I set up everything and is working good. I install the NextCloud in a VM locally in my home. Setup HTTPS redirection and it is working perfectly when I am outside my home and everything seems to be working perfectly. But, the thing is if I access my cloud thru my domain, (cloud.mydomain.com) out of my local network, work perfectly. the problem is when I get home I cant do it that way. if I open the browser and type https://cloud.mydomain.com it never get to the nextcloud. but If I type my local ip address in the address bar of the NextCloud Server it opens perfectly. witch it like anoying everytime I get home remove the domain name and login with my local ip address.

Please HELP I am frustrated


It sounds like DNS is not resolving properly. A simple work around is to add the name/ip to your local host file.

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your quick reply. I want to be hones with you. I am entry level. can You be a little more detailed.

in order you help me more I will be more specific in this post.

I can ping my domain from home and reply with my Modem/Public IP. I can open the NextCloud using the hostname of the Ubuntu Server or the local Ip Address of the Server but not if I use the https:_cloud.mydomain.com.

So, is wierd to me because I can access it using the domain (https:_cloud.mydomain.com) when I am off the local network. either my mobile phone or a computer. but at home I have to use the local ip address. https:_local_ip

The Same thing happend with the Ajenti. I setup the Ajenti, change the default port. are able to access the Ajenti out of my local network with https://cloud.mydomain.com:1234 {port} but if I try to go at home I can I have to type https:_local_ip:1234 or https:_hostname:1234

Please HELP I am frustrated. I am new in this linux/ubuntu this is the first time I am using this OS. you can Imaging by It took me 4 days to setup properlly the Nextcloud. so treat me like a baby. LOL



From what you’re describing, it appears that locally hosted domain names are not resolving within your network. I’m not sure how to help with that. But as a workaround, my suggestion is to add static entries in your host file. This tells your computer which name goes to which IP, and thus allows you to use the names in your web browser. Here is a tutorial on how to do it. https://support.rackspace.com/how-to/modify-your-hosts-file/