.lnk files (shortcuts) and synchronization errors

There are intentional shortcuts (.ink) in the sync folder on a Windows PC. Until recently, there were no problems with this either, the shortcut files were not synchronized, which was not desired. Apparently, however, the .ink files were then synchronized after all. Recently, the app has been giving daily and then permanent warnings with the message: “… shortcut.ink: The file has been deleted from the server”. But in fact they still exist. Now the shortcut files have been manually deleted directly in the cloud as well as on the computer. Seconds later they appear again on both sides, the problem still exists.

Even after updating to NC [Hub 5 (27.0.0) and Syn-Client 3.9.0, this is the case. It´s really strange.

How can the problem be solved? Thanks a lot!

Did you add
to ignore-list in desktop client?

After that, things get easier.

Hope this helps,
much luck!

thanks a lot for the tip. The problem is, that it is possible to delete the .ink-files in the cloud, but seconds later they appear again.
*.ink us in the ignore-list of the desktop client, on all connected computers.

You sure about the extension? Shouldn’t that be *.lnk (lower case L)?

Hello SysKeeper
oh, yes, it´s LNK. My customer read it wrong and I didn´t see it. Now I corrected the title :wink:

Yes, wie did ernolf.