List of possible properties

Hey there!
I can’t find a copyable list of the 30-50 (?!) possible properties of contacts );
Could someone paste these fields here (one per line or cs) or tell me where/how to find it? I “Just” don’t want to type all down, thinking there MUST be a list…
Thanks and all the best

You mean this?

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Hey @KarlF12 yes but its out-dated I think!? It’s not complete, is it?

It’s RFC 6350 which is an IETF standard, so… Maybe there are unofficial elements not listed, but I don’t think that would justify calling it incomplete.

well, I am looking for a list of nc-featured properties. In the above mentioned list there are many nc properties missing, e.g. “detailed name”, “address”, “federated cloud id” and probably 80% of the nc properties more. there seem to be a 20% conruence.

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