List of folders a selected group has access to

is there any way to get an overview of which folders a group / user has access to?

Use case:
A group in a NextCloud system that has grown over the years needs to be changed (e.g. the participant composition). In order to decide whether the group can be customized in its participant composition, I would like to see which folders this group currently has access to. Of course, this would be great not only for a group, but also for individual participants.

As the instance has hundreds of avtive folders i can not check this manually everytime i need to restructure user groups.


  • Self hosted in data center
  • Nextcloud Version: 25.0.2
  • Mixture of classic folders and groupfolders in use



I found an old Github issue that is asking the same feature as you.
That leads us to this app : Share Listing.
It seems to be only usable from the CLI and there is some examples.

If that fine for you let me know if that actually helped you. I might be interested in this tool too later this year :wink: .