List of config.php parameters

Hi guys.

Is there any page where we can get a complete list of everything one can configure in config.php? I have seen a few interesting posts where people have all kinds of interesting settings in config.php, and was wondering whether there is a list one can reference. If not, would people be willing to help contribute to such a list? Which we could submit maybe to NC as a PR for future NC users?

i would like to see that list too.
started my one here:

That’s a nice list. Maybe I should start one on github with the defaults one gets with a vanilla NC 14 install, and then people can add to the list as they see fit, with the condition that they provide explanations where it is not self-explanatory. What do you think?

is that a complete list?

Nailed it, thanx! Seems like the list yes! Will mark as solved! Sorry for not looking there!