List of address books

The command
sudo -u www-data php ./occ dav:list-calendars username
outputs a list of available calendars for that user. The list displays both the URI and the DisplayName of the calendars.

A similar command for addressbooks is not avalaible?
Is there a valid reason for this?

In the NC GUI one can select an adressbook for renaming and deleting and for changing its color (the latter very important!), but there NO information about the properties of the addressbook (e.g. URI, number of contacts within addressbook, etc)
Why not?

What should a NC user do if - for example - the Android app “DAVx5” (formerly known DAVdroid) reports an 404 error about an addressbook, (e.g. “” (“abc” being the URI of the addressbook, and “USERNAME” being the name of the NC user)?
I would be able to solve this problem myself.

Can somebody tell me under which circumstances NC appends “-1” to an addressbook URI?

Of course I digged through the NC documentation (again wasting precious time) but could not find a pertinent hint.


Nobody has implemented yet.
The docs can be found at

Same reason.

Feel free to join the community and contribute some code.

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