Linux packages status


I just tested Ubuntu 18.04 and saw that nextcloud is not included in the official software repositories, ownCloud and integration into other applications like dolphin, nautilus and others can be found there. Do you think about adding nextcloud as well?


@Plastikschnitzer Well, only the client actually. As it will stay at that version number (except for a few minor updates) for five years, it will be horrible outdated over time depending on which features will be necessary/important in the future. So there is a need for an external repository/Snap/Flatpak anyway.


Is a 32-bit Debian client available (preferably as a .deb)? Every way I go Iā€™m only encountering 64-bit versions.


Hi @elmussol, the repository from @ivaradi has 32-bit packages:


Well hunted. Thank you @m4lvin.


FYI, the OpenSolaris version (pkgin in php72-nextcloud) runs very fine as well. :slight_smile:


Cloudron has an installation package since a long time and we update it regularly. It is also one of the most popular packages installed on Cloudrons so far. Is there a possibility to have our package link ( ) mentioned in the list here? The source of the packaging is located at