Linux Client Setup wizard Does not ignore SSL on internal Network


Client configuration
Version 2.5.1git. For more information please visit
Built from Git revision b37cbe on Dec 19 2018, 13:52:15 using Qt 5.12.0, OpenSSL 1.1.1a 20 Nov 2018
Operating system: Manjaro

Server configuration
Nextcloud Box
Raspberry Pi
Snappy (up to date)

Client 1st run wizard to add account using https://ubuntu-standard.local (Laptop on same Wifi home network as my RPi)

Even though I check the ‘trust this certificate anyway’ box, since the cert is for my domain’s external address (and I have added an entry to my hosts file).

I get the following error:

However, all works if using external server address (but is so bloody slow to check my 600GB of data)

I have posted on a similar issue for windows and it looks like there might be a bug (#863 & #705 )

However, this is on Linux so perhaps not same issue?

… and its the only thing that doesn’t work on my new Manjaro installation and I want to try to get round this as I am impatient :smiley:

So, could there be any workarounds for this?
I tried making a new certificate adding https://ubuntu-standard.local to mydomain but it didnt accept it

The Nextcloud client is still working on my other dual boot installed OS - Xubuntu 18.04.1 - although I don’t have to go through the 1st time wizard as it has been set up for some time.