Linux client on PC with multiple users - user accounts messed up

I’m hosting Nextcloud on my own and I’d like to use it now on a Linux Mint 20.3 PC which we are using with multiple users.

I’ve set up my PC user account first, downloaded the Nextcloud client and set up my sync connection. In this account, let’s call it A, everything is working fine.
After that I created the user account for my wife (B). Here I downloaded the Nextcloud AppImage again and started it.

Right after the first start the Nextcloud account from A is shown in the PC user account of B, but without syncing. However, I’m not able to add the Nextcloud account for B. After logging in, there’s only the (not working) Nextcloud account of A.

Is the Nextcloud client not able to handle multiple Linux user accounts?

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The Appimage starts a forked process which doesn’t necessarily shutdown cleanly when logging out a user or when switching users without logging out first.

However, the Appimage accepts flags and options via the commandline. There’s a quit option.

So, try issuing the quit option under user1 before starting up the Appimage for user2…

Something like this:

./Nextcloud-3.5.1-x86_64.AppImage -q

If that works, then you could use a script to quit any active sessions before running a new session.

Thanks for that very fast reply.

I quit the app with the command and switched to user 2 in order to set up her account.

Unfortunatly the app after a successful sync and after the restart it showed me the account of user 1 again. So it doesn’t seem that I am able to set up the correct account.

Do you know where the app stores the account information?

Ok, one case of “the error sits in front of the screen”… At least for a part of my problem.

I used the “impersonate” app for logging in account 2. That produced the error that on Linux account 2 the Nexcloud account from 1 has been added.

So after really logging in with the Nextcloud account 2 during authorization, the right account has been used by the Nextcloud app.

After that, however, I had the problem that I had to log in to Nextcloud account 2 after every single Linux login. To solve that, I had to downgrade to client 3.5.1. Now, everything is working.

I should mention that we are using this PC remotely through Guacamole with XRDP. Before the Nextcloud Client 3.5.1 starts, we have to unlock the keyring. I guess that’s the step the Nextcloud client 3.5.2 has problems with.

Notice: There is an very old open issue on Github for that problem: Nextcloud desktop client needs to manually login after every start · Issue #2573 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub