Linux client, keep files only on server


I’m a long time nextcloud user (after some years using owncloud). My main system is Linux (openSUSE Leap 42.3 or 15, kde), but also android phones.

I do not manage the server myself anymore (but hire a “zaclys” one). I have presently 20Gb cloud space.

I use cloud to store important files I have to share with various devices, but do not need daily, probably as many of you do.

I appreciate a lot the Nextcloud functionality, however there is a difference between android client and linux client.

That is on Android there is an option “keep file on the device” that allow me to have the device only on the server and download it only on demand, and keeping it on client as long as desired only.

On linux, however, the file is always downloaded, and as far as I can tel, removed from the server if ever deleted on the device (android asks before doing it on the server).

Is there an option to have on linux the same way as android? I have some linux boxes with limited disk provision, and 20Gb is too much to keep permanently.


On the desktop it is a sync client. In Linux you can directly mount the webdav storage, then everything is online (no permanent local copy). The owncloud client has a new feature in the latest version (2.5:, so there is some hope that they bring this feature to the Nextcloud client as well if it proves to work properly.

Hey! very good! Thanks.

This is the best solution: no real need to a ncloud client.

On my openSUSE Leap 42.3, I installed davfs (from davfs2.ymp.
After this, I only have to write in dolphin the correct url and Dolphin opens the nextcloud location.

For the zaclys nexcloud, the url is:


Dolphin asks for login and passwd and voilà (and it can save it for future use).

You can even drag the folder icon of Dolphin to the location bar and have it stored for one click use.


I think I will lose the nexcloud client integration with Dolphin that allowed me to share a file from Doliphin, but I wont have anymore to store the files locally.

that’s perfect, thanks again :slight_smile:

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