Links in notes not clickable

Hi, the links in the note app are not clickable at all. Even a Ctrl + click doesn’t open the link. Can someone give me a hint?

Hi, there is an open issue at GitHun for it:

Hi, I got this already but it seems to be very old. Since this is a basic feature I thought that this is something which should work.

Apart from that a ctrl +click doesn’t either work for me.

Well, the fact that the issue is quite old does not make it invalid (as you noticed yourselt :wink:)

Unfortunately you won’t get more here at the community driven support forum. The developers are aware of the issue, now it needs one to fix it.

The issue is labeled with help wanted so it doesn’t seem to be that easy to implement. If you can provide coding help, feel free to offer a Pull Request, otherwise you will need to wait for someone to fix it unfortunately.