Linking NAS folders to nextcloud-data


so, I am facing another “problem”. I am trying to figure out how to make another folder appear hardlinked/mounted or whatever in Nextcloud.
In short, I have NC installed on it’s solo VM. Nextcloud-data folder has been moved to NAS, /volume1/nextcloud. General data on the NAS is in another share.
So I would like to link folder /volume1/nas/photos to /volume1/nextcloud/Photos
I tried hardlinking and I’ve tried mount --bind, both in the NAS SSH.
In both cases I can get the /volume1/nextcloud/Photos show me the Photos that reside in another share.
Changing to NC SSH, I can see files in /volume1/nextcloud/Photos.
I noticed that owner and permissions are wrong, so I set the correct permissions for that hardlink.
And yet, I can’t see anything in the Nextcloud gui.

Should this work?

And even if it does: does it make sense to hardlink files if there are really many of them, like thousands in the Photos folder?