Linking files in shares without using link sharing

Hey guys,

I often want to point to certain files in a share. I know how to generate a sharing link, but this would require to open a sharing link for every file/folder I want to point out.

Is it somehow possible to reference certain files in a share without using the link sharing functionality? And will this work even the other users moved this shared folder to somewhere else then initial root?

Thx a lot!

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Normally you should be able to move files without loosing the sharing link. To directly download them, you can add /download to the sharing URL.

I was thinking to share a folder by link and add later files. Instead of sharing the single files in this folder again by link, I would like to copy the share link of the shared folder and add some filename.

How would the URL of this link shared folder + filename look like?

Could this even work for user shares? If yes, how would the URL to this folder + filename look like?

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Not sure either. You can try to put the filename before or after the /download. Perhaps there was some documentation for it. If you can’t find anything, check the bugtracker and add a feature request


I have very similar case.

Is it possible to get link to some file directly? To pdf viewer for example, not to folder containing this file but without share link


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Same here. We use an internal Wiki and I want to link to specific files to show up in a viewer from Nextcloud. However, the internal share functionality brings up a folder.
I’ve resorted to using the public share link functionality, but some of our stuff is confidential and I don’t want to share it with the world.

Not sure about that. @nickvergessen @rullzer can you perhaps help?

This seems to still be a problem. Any link to a file, public or direct, simply takes you to the folder with the file highlighted. (or nowhere)

Specific example: I have a public shared folder shared with group @ everyone as read only containing mostly pdf files.
If I give a user the link (direct link) to a file in the folder like this
then the folder opens with the file highlighted (which typically he doesn’t notice, or moves the mouse and so has to go searching around for the file)
If he clicks on the file then it opens in the pdf viewer and the address bar shows
but if I give this link to the user then it only opens the folder without even highlighting the file.

Appending /download as mentioned above doesn’t work. When appended to the simple direct file it fails completely (remains at the user’s home page), when appended to the second link above it just goes to the right folder with no file selected.

Surely there must be some way of giving a link that causes the file to either open in the built in viewer or to be downloaded

This is a feature that I also want. I want to make sharing settings like shortcuts/alias on the desktop PC.
When I open an internal link from File Details Sharing, the folder containing the file opens. My NC users don’t expect this behavior. However, if I generate a shared URL, users will not be able to edit the file when opening the file via shared URL.
Users can share individual files with the user-specified sharing function. But if user have a lot of files, user have a hard time explaining the existence of the file. Is this different from the purpose of this topic?

NC 18.0.1

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Thank you rogerco and zoo3. The ability to create links to files, as provided by all major OSes, is a useful and worthwhile bit of functionality that is missed in the NextCloud environment.

Agree. This linking files functionality is really missing. Any idea if this will be implemented in the future?

I would even like to link from an Excel file to data from a different Excel file using the file link. Would this be possible as well in the future?