Linking cards with outlook tasks

It would be interesting to be able to link a card (deck) with the tasks in Outlook
The Outlook task would have:

  • the date of recall
  • the title of the card will be reported in the title of the task
  • Why not the card detail in the body of the task

Would that be possible?

Hello and welcome to the community support forum :wave:

The Deck App already has an integration into the Tasks app and the Calendar app by exposing the information via the standardized CalDAV API. One limitation is that only a Read access is provided (which means you are not able to modify the data from a client). Here is the corresponding issue.

Since Microsoft apparently loves to give a shit on open standards, it does of course not support CalDAV as far as I know. Maybe you have luck with some third party add on (this maybe?).

After all, I recommend you to use an alternative to Outlook which integrates better with open standards - I guess for example Thunderbird should be able to show you the tasks as it implements CalDAV.

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