Link to collabora document not working


In a PDF file, I have inserted a link to a collabora document. When I click on this link in the PDF file, a new tab opens in chrome but the document doesn’t load (white screen with loader - see capture)

. However, when I copy and paste the exact same URL ( in the address bar of chrome, the document loads correctly.

Any idea please ?

Thanks a lot.

I just noticed that I get this error in the chrome console

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0
Blocked form submission to ‘…%20partage%20et%20modification.odt&lang=fr&closebutton=1&revisionhistory=1’ because the form’s frame is sandboxed and the ‘allow-forms’ permission is not set.

It seems that JQuery doesn’t allow the opening of the document when the link is opened from the nextcloud PDF viewer.

Thanks for your help.

I use the jqueryfiles on my own domain, if you meant them on collabora and it didn’t work either in firefox or chrome.
Interestingly if you open the pdf in an external app it works.

Thank. Is there any workaround for this issue please ?


I was thinking : is there an alternative to the default behaviour when it comes to PDF document opening ? Apparently, the issue is due to the fact that the PDF file is opened in an iframe. Is there a way to force the PDF files to open in a new tab or even in default desktop PDF reader (as the links work fine in these cases) ?

This feature is really important to us. Thanks a lot for your help.

Thank for this suggestion. However we have a lot of users, unfortunalety we wan’t ask everyone to change his browser configuration. Other idea : would it be possible to change the nextcloud configuration so it downloads the PDF file when we click on it the “Files” section ?
Thanks again.

perhaps it might work if you change the mimetype of .pdf in the .htaccess, so the browser doesn’t recognize it anymore correctly and you get a download window.
But don’t forget to disable the pdf app in your nextcloud, if you enabled it.