Link share is removed after external storage sends "503 Slow Down"

I’m encountering an error where after I create a new link share for a folder or file the link will work once or twice and then display a “File not found” error. When I navigate to the file as the logged-in owner I can view the file fine, but the link sharing information has disappeared. In admin settings I have checked the box for “Allow users to share via link”.

I’m using digitalocean spaces for external storage and the admin error log has some errors:

[files_external] Error: Aws\S3\Exception\S3Exception: Error executing “ListObjects” on “”; AWS HTTP error: Server error: GET resulted in a 503 Slow Down response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> SlowDown Reduce your request rate. SlowDown Reduce your request rate. at

I’m also seeing the error:

[webdav] Fatal: OCP\Files\NotFoundException: File with id “258468” has not been found. at

It seems like digitalocean is being hit with too many requests too fast and the 503 slow down error is causing nextcloud to delete the link share. I know it’s not Nextcloud’s fault that it got the 503 error, but isn’t the response of deleting the link share still a nextcloud bug? The file can still be retrieved after just waiting a bit, but Nextcloud apparently decided to delete the link share. I’m using Nextcloud 20.0.14.