Limit when a directory is polled by Nextcloud

I have one folder shared for a program I use, which frequently writes to an sqlite file. Basically, whenever I switch directories in the program, or do almost anything, it saves this configuration to the database, which is about 30mb. Nextcloud immediately sees that the db has changed and so when I have the program open, Nextcloud is just constantly writing this one file over and over.

This seems like a waste of traffic, and is going to fill up my versions pretty quickly. Is there any way to control how often a folder is synced?

Hi @3x5

No, not as far as I know.

I would even go that far as to say that Nextcloud is not made for such a usecase. Nextcloud is primarily a solution for file sharing / synchronisation and an M365 or Google Workspaces replacement, not a backup solution for application files and folders or database files…

Do you need access from multiple devices to this sqlite file or is it just about having a backup? If it’s just for having backups, I would recommend using a traditional backup tool. You could still use Nextcloud as a storage backend if the backup tool supports webdav connections, although I don’t think that’s ideal either. But hey, why not, if it’s just a single file.

Thanks for the reply. I need access from multiple devices so the program will stay in sync. Is there a way to control folder syncing via CLI? Then, i could keep that connection paused most of the time, and I could create a script that pauses the folder when I start the program, and unpauses it when I quit.

(I’m on Linux btw)

Maybe you could use nextcloudcmd --exclude to achieve that…

btw it is possibkle to change the poll interval, but the way I understand it, only as a global setting not for induvidual folders.