Limit the email notification?

I have entered all board members in the club cloud and also assigned authorizations.
Question: Can I also limit the email notification about “new files have been uploaded” to individual subfolders?
For example, the chairman has all rights, but only wants to receive an email if something new happens in the “Management Board” folder. For example, if I upload 20 photos of an event, he would receive 20 emails. Or that the treasurer only gets an email when new files are uploaded to “Invoices2020”.
Is it possible for every user to set this up himself?

in general every user can decide themselves what they wanna be informed about. look at https://your.domain.tld/settings/user/activity

you - being admin - could set a default under https://your.domain.tld/settings/admin/activity

but afaik it’s not possible (yet?) to apply that based on individual folders.

I doubt that. Most prolly he would receive 1 email telling him: 20 pix uploaded to…

I was wondering if it works via Flow and then there is a message in TALK. In some Flow app pictures you can see a Flow app about this, but in my Flow I can’t find this app.

err… possibly there could be a solution using flow. right… but it could get a bit complicated.

you’d need to find out about the new files being uploaded (to certain folders) and maybe tag them with a certain tag (like “new”)
and then let another flow tell talk about the new files.

after that… tag “new” should be removed.

so how to code that into flows? i dunno. but yes, it could be possible.

Phew, but sounds elaborate. I think it is almost easier to send a message via Talk to the user for whom a new file is important. Maybe there will be a way in the future.